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Divine Encounters

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Donna Rigney’s exceptionally vivid and unforgettable book showcases her unique relationship with Jesus through a host of heavenly experiences. Jesus guides her into the depths of hell and the peaks of heaven through intensely detailed visions.
Donna’s exceptionally vivid portrayals of heaven and hell create an unforgettable read.

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Readers uncover author Donna Rigney’s powerful connection to Jesus through her divine encounters. This book explores her visions of heaven and hell as she explains her ability to interpret dreams, recall her experiences to heaven and hell, while providing readers with a multitude of profound insights. This book can assuredly function as Christian life prayer, as Rigney discusses the importance of maintaining a prayer regimen. Rigney’s extraordinary visuals and sensory recollections of heaven and hell create a piece that informs readers of the reality of an afterlife. While exploring Rigney’s refreshing connection through the autobiographical elements of this piece, readers will ultimately prosper in the battle of spiritual warfare, learning how to triumph over Satan’s influence. Rigney’s unique scriptural knowledge and commentary enables this book to promote spiritual and personal growth for the Christian audience. Readers will become empowered to strengthen their faith, value forgiveness and seek salvation before it is too late.

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July 17, 2013